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A Family Trout Business

Started in 1958, Brian Trout Ranch is now run by the third and fourth generations of the Brian family.

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Spring Fed Streams

Our trout ponds are fed by crystal clear spring-fed streams located on the property.

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Brian Trout Ranch

Our icy cold ponds provide the perfect environment for raising healthy fish.

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Kamloops Rainbow Trout

These native rainbow trout are bred to thrive in the northwest.

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Brian Trout Ranch, a family owned business with a reputation for honesty and quality.
Raising rainbow trout for pond owners across the northwest since 1958.

Spring Fed Ponds

The icy cold water from crystal clear springs that fill our trout ponds provide the ideal environment for the production of healthy fish.

Hatchery On Site

We raise our trout from eggs in our own hatchery. For over 50 years we have been developing a superior rainbow trout.

Highest Quality

Our trout are fed a high protein feed made with all natural ingredients resulting in hearty, great tasting fish.

Delivered to Your Location

Once you order your trout, we deliver them to your pond in our tank trucks.

Call us at 503-668-7861
January, 2024